Monday, August 4, 2008

What is Satire?

Satire is a word used to express irony, sarcasm, and ridicule. This article is intended for people to enjoy true sarcasm, though most of what is being said many people follow.The six items provided by Twain as "Advice to Youth" are:

Always obey your parents.
Be respectful to your superiors.
Go to bed early & get up early.
Being careful about lying.
Never handle firearms carelessly.
Choosing carefully the "good" book's.

His intentions to the youth is all been captivated by, what the youth knows and understands the concept, right from wrong.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why are you lying?

Using the Cartoon image, which states two sides of a
Court in session that, both sides have
said nothing but, lies and continue to argue.
Yet neither side backs down.

These four " special needs " or lies, that most children understand that their lying, are most common to be the reasons why children lie. These blind folded parents don't accept that their lying because, temptation is hard for these children to resist and it's become a problem for them. Most of these young children instead seek to their parent's for more help or in to attend their need.

One of the four reasons children lie to their parents, is fear. Fear of being grounded or to be given a 15 minute time out. A reason for children to try to get themselves, out of the problem or not to get punished. Another reason would be lying has become a habit for these children, who constantly need to lie. The reason is that, when dealing on a hostile confrontation situation. Another reason is Modelling which, are lies that have been heard or experience through other peoples lies. This is a problem many of these parents can't "protect" lies from being heard, by their children. The last of the four reasons is Over prediction. This reason connects to the lying because, a child over predicts what reaction probably would be said, if the truth is not accepted.
This Cartoon image pin points all those non stop liars including, myself to enjoy lying because, lying is as sweet as chewing a Pack of Gum!.
I agree with all of the reasons because, all of them connect to this self-centered ego that a child would want to have to get what they want and it's consequences comes, if caught. I realize that this article applies to me because I'm an excellent liar. I've learned to lie so good through other people's lies.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Al Gore's "Challenge"

In this inspirational speech given by, Al Gore who has challenged America to produce 100% percent of electricity from carbon free sources within 10 years. He has caught many people's attention about the environmental Crisis, that we are facing, today. He provides facts about our environmental crisis such as, a 75% chance that within 5 years the entire North Pole ice cap will completely disappear and increase the melting pressure in Greenland. He has arrived at conclusion by, his search in the climate crisis in renewing the economy with the help of engineers, scientist's, and CEO's. He suggests other energy sources to use to replace carbon based fuels such as, Geothermal energy which has an enormous supply of energy to the production of electricity, using solar and wind power.

I believe that if everyone in America contributes to the challenge within the next 10 years, then the crisis would decrease and most people would be relieved of most of their problems, considering that most people would be re-employed and economically stable. Many ways I can contribute to the environment would be by, recycling and using renewable resources such as, filtered water.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Da " Quote "

The quote by Benjamin Franklin which says, "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see", means that if I don't believe on what the person said because it might be a lie then, I must see it for myself.

Everybody's at war with different things...I'm at war with my own heart sometimes.
Tupac Shakur
I believe that this quote refers much about me because, I myself is confused and angered but, because i wouldn't make an effort understanding what i want in my life and how i want to live my life, my reality goes beyond my dreams. I need to understand that i can achieve greater obstacles by hard work and dedication, but i have to use it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

NYC Schools

I most definitely agree, with the article the fact that most schools are, determined to help many students achieve great success in school. Using enough teachers to help them with anything, prior to there school work. Also, maintaining good order and discipline which brings comfort and satisfaction to many students, as they go through the hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms.
I've done a survey before and I think that the survey helps me understand how safe and secure, my school is and how much teachers care for my education and for the rest of the students.
I'm extremely satisfied with my education and knowing that my short term goals are achieved, with the help of my teachers and rest of the faculty.
I believe that the schools in NYC should be improved with more extra curricular activities, That way most of students would be left out from the streets and the drugs. Education is always the Key to success.

Monday, July 7, 2008

"Cash Money"

One of the best rapper's alive and youngest goes by the nickname "Wheezy or Lil Wayne" but, his actual name is Dwayne Michael Carter.He was born in September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His talent was impressive signing contracts with record labels such as, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment was then later known to be history. I listen to all kind of music but, mostly rap and reggeaton music.
Aka Killa:PS Imagine smokin! a L wit dis guy! and of course Loyd Banks
Here is Da Music:

Murder one on one, the hottest nigga under the sun

I come from under the tummy, busting a tommy
Or come from under your garments, yo chest and your arm hit
Pow, one to the head now you know he dead
Now you know I play it, like a pro in the game
Naw better yet a veteran a hall of fame
I got that medicine, I'm better than all the names
Ay its Cash Money Records man a lawless gang
Put some water on the track, Fresh for all his flame
Wear a helmet when you bang it man and guard yo brain
Cuz the flow is spasmatic what they call insane
That aint even a muthafuckin aim I get dough boy
And you already know that pimping
18 how I'm living young'n show that Bentley
Stunna my Pa so you know that's in me
Gotti my mentor so don't go there wit me
These lyrics are said by Lil'Wayne- "Go Dj". He's mentioning how tough that guy was and still is. He's recalling the events of having all this power in the streets and being "neat" fresh with his car at a young age.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Habits of Mind

A "Habit of Mind" means the behavior of intelligence of a person when confronted with a task or a problem, to which a person must react in a matter of time. Using strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity, and critical thinking in order to resolve a complex problem. One of the most interesting habits and most useful is the, "listening to others" part in which, the person or I can use to paraphrase another persons concepts, emotions, and problems.

This habit implies on myself because, I am a good listener demonstrating my close attention to what is being said during school or even at home, and understanding their thoughts or suggestions prior to their knowledge.